Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jas & Shira Engagement Ceremony

finally, got a chance to blog...blame it on dis lousy broadband connection in kerteh. i made complaints b4, but hmmm, no sir, still as it was b4. more less like chipsmore, "now u see it, now u dont!"
ok here it is. some of the pics during the engagement ceremony of jas n shira. went to kulim, kedah on 28th nov, still high on rendang daging (dude it was on 2nd day of raya haji) but i survived. oso many thnx to my luvly co-driver cum driver (otw bck i jz felt i need a nap, so thnx God i brought along miss gf).
the setting was nice, the engagement was warm of love n smile n it went smooth. niceee~
i knew this couple 4 quite some time, especially shira as we were frens back then while we were in uni.
anyway, congratz to the newly engaged.

pic 1










Saturday, December 12, 2009

boring giler


dh sampai masa aku kene g holiday. badan dh x berape nk sedap, kene rehat2 amek nafas baru. jalan2 tgk negeri org mmg best. yg x berape nk best tu bile nk mengendong beg kamera aku. time before pergi mmg la semangat, wide, tele, sumer nk bawak. kene 2-3 jam jalan galas beg, dh rase menyesal, rase cam pakai compact lg best, cam awek aku, x payah la nk berpeluh bwk beg gedabak ade key chain gantung2 ni.
weekend ni memula ingat nk lepak2, chill. tp ade keje plak kat taiping n ipoh, kene keje lg. kt kerteh dh keje, kt kl pun nk keje, bukan gile duit, tp time2 muda ni la nk pukul abes.


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