Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Niah National Park

modem kaput. modem price: RM250. gt it replaced. connection: ok.

the pic ere was shot when i attended a forum in miri, sarawak. during the last day of the forum, the org comm. brought us 2 niah national park. beautiful scenery with its history dating bck thousand of yrs ago. went 2 the museum 2 hv a look b4 we started the 3 km walk to the mouth of the Great Cave. overall, it ws truly a wonderful experience 4 me. me planning 4 another visit, maybe wid a smaller pack of photogs (can oso go 2 mulu nat. park, niceee~). i'll upload more pics n stories soon.

got wedding to shoot dis weekend at batu pahat. thank God i managed 2 complete album editing prior to dt. lookin 4ward 4 the assignment.


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