Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ho Chi Minh-KL-Bandung

total days= 9, back to back backpacking trips. nice~

i went 4 the backpacking trips with 2 different groups. went to vietnam with my uni buddies n went 2 bandung with my office mates. stayed in ho chi minh for 4 days, came bck 2 kl, restock, do laundry (thnx ma!), meet gf, meet parents, sleep, then the next morning i found myself waiting 4 ERL @ Bdr Tasik Selatan, otw 4 a transit @ KL Sentral. its kinda tiring bt damn its fun!

i uploaded 2 pics ere. will upload more soon!

street hawker @ ho chi minh, vietnam

mount tangkuban parahu, bandung indonesia

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