Thursday, September 23, 2010


raya pics of bro, sis, and cousins

i came back from work, tired n sleepy, but somehow i felt that i need to write something. its been quite awhile since the last time i've logged in to my blog. yup, the last entry was in july.the pic above was taken on the first day of hari raya, on our way to 'beraya'. we've been shooting outdoor raya pics since 2007 (somehow i lost the 2007 raya pics, thnx to the crashed toshiba laptop). for the 2010 raya, i was joined by my cuz, who recently bought himself a shining new canon dslr. i like the color produced from his camera, but it kinda lack in terms of sharpness, maybe due to its kit lens. a 2.8 lens might improve the sharpness, i for me, nuthin much had happened. i spent less and less time with my camera, partly due to the work constraints. i have 2 delayed photo assignments still in editing phase. sorry to the couples.
last week, i got myself an adidas micoach. thinkin of improving my stamina , as well as reducing the stubborn extra body fat, hehe. the system works really well. i cud plan my workout, track my performance, manage my workout schedule and more. its like having a real coach guiding you in your workout program.

ok, kena g lunch. cheers~

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